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Wakehurst Place outing in June 2014

The Rock Walk along a ridge of Ardingly Sandstone
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Programme for 2016

Monday 4th January

“Grey Owl”

Geoff Hutchinson

Monday 1st February

“Surrey & Sussex Air Ambulance”

Colin Kelvey

Monday 7th March

“A Touch of Class”

Lady C

Wednesday 6th April

“Golden Years of TV”

Wilf Lower

Wednesday 4th May

“Expect the Unexpected”

Irene Wilson

Monday 6th June

“Lunch Out”

Trip to Borde Hill

Wednesday 6th July

“Lots of Buttons but no Bows!”

Edward Padget

Wednesday 10th August

“The Wheel Thing!”

Harry Townsend

Wednesday 7th September

“An Author’s Journey”

Bunny Mitchell

Wednesday 5th October

“Making Music”

David Homewood

Monday 7th November

“The Caged Lady”

Lee Ault

Monday 5th December

“Christmas Frivolities”

Programme for 2015

Monday 5th January

“Mad Jack Fuller”

Geoff Hutchinson

Monday 2nd February

“Undies Thro’ the Ages”

Naomi Lane

Monday 2nd March

“Spitfire Women of WW2”

Richard Atkinson

Wednesday 8th April

“Annie Lady Brassey”

Julian Porter

Wednesday 6th May

“Bells on her Toes”

Ann Rachlin

Monday 1st June

“Coach Trip to Sissinghurst Castle”

Wednesday 8th July

“Royal Geographical Society”

Daniel Evans

Thursday 6th August

“Molly Brown”

Judith Kinnison Bourke

Wednesday 9th September

“The Maharajah of Bexhill”

Sian Trevellion

Wednesday 7th October


Mel Rees

Monday 2nd November

“Wild Burma”

Ross Piper

Monday 7th December

“Christmas Frivolities”

Programme for 2014

Monday 6th January

“Brought to Book Too – That’s Life”

Mel Rees

Monday 3rd February

“Fit for a Queen”

Ann Lyn Boyes

Monday 3rd March

“On the Air”

Wendy Butler

Wednesday 9th April

“Past Life Regression”

Sally Ann Gray

Wednesday 7th May

“My Illustrious Past”

Iain Kerr

Monday 2nd June

“Coach Trip to Wakehurst Place”

Wednesday 2nd July

“The Austerity Diary from Lavender Cottage”

Victoria Seymour

Tuesday 12th August

“Children of the Garter”

Nina Thorndike

Monday 1st September

“A Sweet Tooth”

Robin Powell

Wednesday 8th October

“A Very Civil Servant”

Eddie Walsh

Monday 3rd November

“Remember When?”

Sarah Reed

Monday 8th December

“Christmas Frivolities”