Who are the Ladies Who Lunch?

Ladies Who Lunch – or as some of us prefer to be known ‘Ladies Wot Lunch’, began life in January 2011.

A very good friend of mine had been running a lunch club in Uckfield for a number of years and I was invited along to one of the lunches. Having enjoyed myself so much and thinking what a good idea it was, I decided I would have a go at setting one up where I live in Bexhill-on-Sea.

I contacted a number of friends whom I thought might be interested and twisted the arms of some very special ladies, whom I thought very capable, hoping they might like to assist me as my band of helpers. With their very supportive help we were up and running for January 2011 and we are now into our eighth year. Where have the years gone?

We meet at the Highwoods Golf Club in Bexhill once a month. I try to arrange for the first Monday of each month, but this is not always possible. We have an excellent one course lunch followed by tea or coffee, and then sit back, relax and listen to a speaker for approximately half to three quarters of an hour.

My worry at the beginning was that the ladies would not talk to each other. However I am glad to say this has not proved the case. It is really lovely to hear the ladies chatting together happily.

The aims of the club are to enjoy a good meal, listen to an entertaining speaker, meet other ladies and hopefully to make new friends.

If you would like more information please contact me either by e-mail, telephone or even by post if you prefer. All the necessary information is listed on the Contacts page.

Barbara Burstow

Salmon fillet, new potatoes and salad
Highwoods Golf Club always prepare an excellent lunch